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Who We Are

What Is O.S.C. or Old Skool Crew
We are A  Social Club we are the Old Skool Generation
and believe in the Old Skool ways... And Old
Skool Values.

Our Mission Statment
Faith,Family,Friends,,Honor,Loyalty, Respect.
1st off we are not a( Motorcycle Club). We are Old Skool Bikers, and common people
sharing a common
Bond Keeping the old skool ways alive
All members are encouraged to keep the Old Skool values alive and help out in their communities,Charity events welcome ideas to help improve OSC. Do our best to help out our neighbors when in need. have respect to our elders Do what we do best keeping the
Old skool values alive.

Why we call our selfs a Social Club

We are not all bikers some of us ride motorcycles and some own classic cars and have differnt walks of life we are Bikers,Classic car owners, Military,Truckers,Musicians

We believe in respecting all clubs

But our goal is to share the old skool ways and keep them alive if you like to be apart of OSC please contact us and we will be glad to share our vision with you

Dale Garza Is Founder 
                                                             Copyright-OLD SKOOL CREW All Rights Reserved 
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